Fine line between bore and overexcitement

I have just received a letter from my friend in the Principate of Liechtenberg. Judging by what he writes, there are very bright people doing business in Europe. Here’s the quotation:

“Attracting people, turning them into happy customers, then attracting them back and making them insert one or two friends into the same equation is not cheap trick. Leviathan brands may easily perish here. On the other hand, small and thus flexible companies can instantly develop new approaches and adjust them on the fly.”

Take a look at GoSportBets. It is a small sport book, casino and poker outfit. Do they agree to stay in the shadow of heavy players? Not at all. They fight for their place in the sun like well-oiled eels. You know, eels with sharp teeth, talons and strong wings.

They offer a solid gold bar (small, but still golden) to anyone who posts GoSportsBets’s logo on her car. They offer contests for the talented web developers. They offer a new hybrid Honda to an afiliate who’d be the first to bring 500 active players. They are building a resort for elderly gamblers in Hawaii. They overlook an online gallery for the aspiring artists. They are curious, indefatigable, and they will succeed before you turn your head.”

Pacific Poker online poker room, recently announced its $25K Money Monday Tournament for January 30, 2018 at 20:00 PPT.

PPT stands for Pacific Poker Time and can be found online at the Pacific Poker website. To register, players must purchase a $35 + $3 buy in to enter the tournament.

Mike Herea, promotions department manager for, said that the site was trying to think of ways to make players experience the best gambling pleasure they could find online.

“We thought, Mondays aren’t much fun, how can we make them more fun,” Herea said. 

“The $25K Money Monday Tournament is what we came up with,” he added. “Just $38 gives you a chance to win a share of $25,000 worth of prizes.”

Players can also win seats to the tournaments through smaller, satellite tournaments.

Quite an energetic piece it was, wasn’t it?