College Poker Tournaments

Poker is sweeping the nation. Poker has always been popular, but with televised celebrity poker tournaments and large professional tournaments being played for millions of dollars, poker has grown in popularity.

One of the biggest areas of growth in poker popularity is college students. Poker is a great game but also is a great way to socialize. Many college students love to play poker because they get to be competitive, but also, they enjoy meeting and talking to others. College poker is so popular that college students are now having fund raisers playing poker and giving their proceeds to charity. There are even organizations that give away college scholarships to students who win poker tournaments.

Many college students learn and play poker on the internet as well. There are plenty of poker sites on the internet that will not only teach you how to play poker, but also allow simulation play. Simulation poker play is a great way to learn poker, playing actual games but you don’t have to worry about losing money.

Many poker sites have now realized how much of an impact college students are having on their play and are now catering to college students offering them better resources for better play.