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Flotilla review at Rules of the Game

A few months ago, I was invited to join Rules of the Game, a project dedicated to the methodical review and critique of video games. Thanks to Editor-in-Chief and Founder Simon Ferrari for giving me a reason to keep my word count under control.

My first review went online today, of the independently developed Flotilla. From the review:

Flotilla is a game about capital ship battles in space, with the lighthearted mood and pacing of Shrapnel Games’ Weird Worlds series. Pirate chickens, space pigs, and other oddities spring up in your journey across the galaxy in search of things to fight and spaceship parts to salvage. Developed by the creators of Gravity Bone, Flotilla is a more traditional game in that it imitates the recognizable three-dimensional space combat of Homeworld. While exhibiting some appreciation for the details in maneuvers that would be performed in capital ship battles, the combat’s lack of depth and limited options for ship customization detract from what could be a significant addition to the strategy genre. Instead, Flotilla leaves one wondering when a developer brave enough to combine and tune every exciting, disparate concept in strategy game development will create a work to revitalize the genre.

Read the rest at Rules of the Game.


  1. And I was just about to get really serious about this game…

    Thanks for the warning. Should play more eventually (it is my job), but the analysis here is convincing.

  2. I thought Flotilla was a really cute game, but something a wasted opportunity. I’d have really liked a free play mode and some more options. I did love staring into the pretty lights though.

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